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My Old Nuzlocke Team.
Ahh I remember when did a Nuzlocke challenge its was pretty sad losing the Pokemon that I had my Journey but these 6 Pokemon where the where the ones that make it out alive in the Nuzlocke of mine so ill tell you all about them and after seeing Ky-nims myths of Unova comics got me to remember of my old Nuzlocke team anyways ill tell the info.

*Ironhide haves cracks on his armor and Ironhide is a male Ironhide always had cracks on his armor of his head and back when he was just a little Aron in the wild but he has become a strong powerhouse on the team and has a Crush on Sammy the Samurott but he never know his father was at all but when he joined his trainer he would find the power inside of him that never he would never knew that he had of Mega stone of Aggron he would protect his family of Sammy and Ashley and his team mates with the risk of Sacrificing his live to protect the ones he loves the most no matter how strong the enemy Pokemon is.*

*Sparky is a Female Electivire that always is cheerful about everything great and she trys to be her best in battle with smart way to win in battle but back then she was just a newborn Elekid in the wild that her parents saw her for the first time but right after that a Pokemon hunter killed both of her Parnets only few minutes of her being born and then the Hunter took her and was selled on the Pokemon black market but lucky she saved by the Pokemon police force and brought to the Virbank Complex to live and after being caught by her Trainer and almost being killed in the Bug type gym battle after the battle she was going picked to be trained in Kanto region by the famous Electric type gym leader of the Kanto region own Lt. Surge and then later return to her as fullyed evolved Electivire for greatest battle that she will face the Elite 4 and Champion of the Unvoa Region.*

*Russel haves a Scar on his face and he is a Male and always Angry and Stubborn Lucario but he does have a soft stop that he doesn't like to show but back then when he was Riolu he was Abandoned by his Pokemon Trainer when was just a new born and after a while wild Flaaffy took him in and took care of him on a Pokemon ranch but one night when was helping the Flaaffy around the ranch a wild (Midnight form) Lycanroc attacked and Killed the flaaffy that has been taking care of him since he was baby so in anger Russel tried to Attack the Lycanroc but the Lycanroc used slash on him he slash accros the face which left a huge scar on his face and after that day we would distant to everyone and Every Pokemon until he meets the same Lycanroc again just so he avenge his Apoted mother Flaaffy so she can rest in peace.*

*Sammy is a Female Samurott that always wears a scallop shell necklace and she cares about her team members and trys to stop conflict on the team but she haves a warriors spirt in her and her family tree goes way back to the Pokemon war that her great grandparents where experts in battling and after a few 100 years later her Parents will protect her for many years until she has become a powerful strong and Wise Adult Samurott just like her Great Grandparents many 100 of years ago.*

*Cracker haves a scar on his belly and really big scar on his Right eye and he is a Male but when ever he is in battles he always gets nervous of getting hit in chest and belly because back then he was attacked by a wild Garchomp when he was a young Sandile and has been attack by other strong wild fully evolved Pokemon in Sandy plains and harsh Sandstorms in his time but learn to take on the hits when he's was Krookorok but he was caught by his Trainer he will Learn that team work will always at his side no matter what happens.*

*Ashley haves a Blue Flower on her head and where's a Scalop around her neck she is a Female Hydragon back then Ashley was just Abandoned egg in the wild when her Trainer found her in her egg still Ironhide and Sammy wanted to have kid so since their trainer found Ashley still in her egg so after a long time of being taken care of still in her egg by Sammy and Ironhide she finally came out of her egg and saw Sammy and Ironhide for the first when she was born she really happy and was given a Scallop shell from a Oshawott that Sammy given to her and being trained by Sammy and Ironhide she would powerful, Helpful, Thoughtful and wise Adult Hydreigon.*
I drew my Friend Sophiaboss77 a full picture of her for a request that i did for her on Google+
The Jolly Bomber's Giant Skeleton
The Jolly Bombers Clan is smart and Crazy in the clan but its no fun without a Giant Skeleton in the mix the owner of the Clan always uses a Giant Skeleton in battles and trys to protect with small and Medium troops in the back and the front but he trys make the battles for the Clan members.


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